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Apply RBL Bank Credit Cards Online in India

Most people question the very existence of credit cards and, more so, question the very intention of credit cards? But one thing we simply ignore is that credit cards are a ‘revolution’. And they are here to rule the roster. Credit cards have made life simpler. Apart from easy payment options, they provide conducive options like investment rewards, cashbacks, travel discounts etc. Credit cards apart from having meagre beginnings in 1920’s to fully exploding our economy signifies, life without our digital ‘Godmother’ simply can’t go on.

Name of the CardJoining FeeOverdue Interest Rate
SBI SimplySAVE Advantage SBI CardRs.4995% of Total Outstanding (Min. Rs. 200 + all applicable taxes + EMI ( In case of EMI based product) + OVL amount (if any)
RBL Titanium Delight CardRs. 75015 % of the total amount due(Minimum – Rs 350 and maximum Rs 1000)
ICICI Bank HPCL Coral Credit CardRs.199Overdue interest on extended credit and cash advances – 3.40% per month (40.80% annualized).

About RBL Bank

RBL Bank was formerly known as Ratnakar Bank Limited. This bank is the oldest private sector banks and testifies its dedication and commitment towards customer support, transparency, and moral ethics. RBL bank since last 75 years has been releasing a range of banking products and schemes, that have largely benefited its users. Hence, the perpetual support towards this bank. RBL bank moves with time and has realized that credit cards are here to stay. This bank offers a wide range of credit cards and they are designed in such a way, that they have something for all.

RBL Bank Credit Card Application

RBL bank offers a host of credit cards, these credit cards come with a variety of attractive schemes and offers. Cards available are such that they are coherent in today’s time. One can apply for RBL credit cards through the 2 conventional mediums: offline and online. To apply through the former, all you need to do is call on 18001219050. To resort to the latter way, all you need to do is visit RBL bank’s official portal, select credit cards, select the card you wish to own and fill a simple form. After you have followed this, you will receive a call from our representative! It is that easy.

Eligibility for RBL Credit Card Application

To reap the benefits of this credit card, RBL bank has laid down an eligibility criterion based on which the applications are considered. The eligibility criterion is as follows:

  • Good credit score: Credit score signifies the credit bearing capacity of the applicant and tells the respective banking institution about the faltering of payments and what not. So, this indeed is a decisive factor for credit card application.
  • Above 23 years of age
  • Suitable documents such as PAN/Voters ID/ Driving License.
  • Salary slip for last three months (only applicable for salaried employees)
  • Income tax report of previous year (majorly applicable for self-employed people)
  • Should be a resident of India

List of RBL Bank Credit Cards

RBL bank has been offering credit cards since long and these cards are such that they’re bound to advantage you. They advantage you with attractive, schemes, discounts and offers.

RBL Insignia Preferred Banking World Card

This credit card is the perfect fit for all those who wish to turn luxury into necessity. This card comes with infinite number of rewards, delectable culinary experience, and luxurious holidays. This card reeks of exclusive benefits like golf retreats, shopping benefits, tailored services and much more. With this card, users are entitled for a complimentary room upgrade, late checkout, and early check-in. This card is a true boon for all the travellers, users can avail a complimentary air travel. This card provides users access to 11 golf destinations, 3 complimentary golf rounds and lessons too. Apart from all this card’s possession entails for the following:

  • Golf Course Referral and Reservation Assistance
  • Car Rental and Limousine Referral and Reservation Assistance
  • Hotel Referral and Reservation Assistance, Flower, and Gift Delivery Assistance
  • Special Events and Performance Assistance & Business Services
  • Spa, Fitness Centre and Sports Centre Information and Referral Assistance
  • Dining Referral and Reservation Assistance

RBL Classic Shopper Card

Are you a shopaholic? If you are, this card is the perfect fit for you. This card has the capability of boasting a non-shopper one too, don’t believe us? Try it out. This card has the provision for earning reward points and for redemption too. By using this card, one can earn 2 Reward Points for spending Rs. 100 every time. One can use these reward points and redeem them wisely on a variety of platforms such as

  • Flight tickets & Hotel stays
  • Latest gadgets and shopping products
  • Mobile Recharge
  • Retail shopping vouchers
  • Curated personalized gifts

RBL Titanium Delight Card

Well, the name is so classy, the card is bound to be. All of us want to lead a life filled with class and not to forget, it needs to have entertainment too. And this card certainly ticks this pointer too. This card comes with free movies on Wednesdays and not to forget, mid-week delights too. With this card, the user is entitled to get a welcome benefit of 2000 Reward Points (terms and conditions apply), waiver on fuel surcharges (terms and conditions apply). Plus, this card comes with a bonus for foodies, so every Wednesday order a pizza and get a cashback of 10% value back.

RBL Crownit Credit Card

When two of the best institutions come together for collaboration in their respective fields: RBL Bank and Crownit, the results are bound to be amazing. This exceptional credit card comes with bountiful rewards and celebratory benefits! One can earn 1 crown with spending of Rs.100, complimentary ticket of Rs.200 at Bookmyshow (Conditions applicable), first year annual fee is not charged and many such more attractive offers.

With these cards at your bay, your days are going to be gay!!

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