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Apply Axis Bank Credit Cards Online in India

Like it or not, credit cards are here to stay! Credit cards have carved a niche for themselves in today’s economy and are simply irreversible. Many see credit cards with the so-called ‘evil eye’ but let’s face it they come with a variety of benefits. Credit cards are our true saviours, either be it about travel discounts, cashbacks or simply reward points. Credit Cards have transformed the way a consumer sights the market, it has become more accessible and in all dreams, are lived to some extent because of these ‘magic cards’.

Name of the CardJoining FeeOverdue Interest Rate
SBI SimplySAVE Advantage SBI CardRs. 4995% of Total Outstanding (Min. Rs. 200 + all applicable taxes + EMI ( In case of EMI based product) + OVL amount (if any)
RBL Titanium Delight CardRs. 75015 % of the total amount due(Minimum – Rs 350 and maximum Rs 1000)
ICICI Bank HPCL Coral Credit CardRs.199Overdue interest on extended credit and cash advances – 3.40% per month (40.80% annualized).

About Axis Bank

Axis Bank was launched in 1993 as UTI Bank and since then it has been realising a comprehensive suite of financial products benefitting all its users. Axis has been there for us for 24 years now and they have proved that it is not only a banking institution, it sure is more to us, it is family. Axis Bank has been working dedicatedly to provide customer support by believing in some of its core values such as ethics, transparency, customer centricity, teamwork and above everything, honesty. Axis Bank has a wide range of credit cards and
is designed in such a way that they are able to cater to everyone’s unique needs.

Axis Bank Credit Card Application

Axis Bank moves in coherence with time. And today’s time is such that the world is online. So, this is why Axis bank has partly moved its functions online so as to make things smooth and stress free for all its customers. To apply for Axis Bank cards, you can either do so by resorting to the online medium or offline is always available. Online application ensures that no time is wasted and hence it surely a more convenient option. To apply for Axis credit cards through online medium, all you need to do is visit their portal, select the option credit cards and then click on the card you wish to apply for. After following these steps, you’ll need to fill out an easy form. And once you have done this, you’ll receive a call from our end ratifying your application for the same. If you wish to apply for the same through offline mode, all you need to do is call on their toll- free numbers: 18002095577, 18001035577.

Eligibility for Axis Bank Credit Cards

Axis Bank credit cards are desired by all and that purely is on the basis of the benefits these cards provide. Be it discounts on fuels or even grocery, this card has something for all. Axis bank has laid down some strict criterion to be followed so as to possess this card:

  • Card applicant should be between the age group of 18 to 70 years.
  • Applicant should be an Indian citizen and should be able to furnish all KYC documents.
  • Applicant should have the income falling between the income bracket as per demanded by the bank for possessing a specific card.
  • Add -on card holder should be more than 15 years of age.

Apart from this eligibility criterion, there is an altogether different one that decides the credit limit provided by the bank to its user. There are several pointers that are considered before zeroing on this point. Some of them are:

Income or Salary

The credit limit of your credit card is usually defined by this point. This generally varies between a salaried one and a self -employed one. For salaried persons, it is usually the salary slip that determines the credit limit. And for self-employed people, it is the income tax of the previous fiscal year, which is put into consideration.


One of the key factors determining the credit limit surely is CIBIL score. Banks usually prefer a score above 750 but if your score comes out to be more than 700, it is not considered as worrisome. Also, if you have faltered on your payments, that is also reflected in this report. Faltering of payments can lead to rejection of your application.

Relationship with the Bank

This surely is a decisive factor, when applying for a credit card. Maintaining a good relationship surely is a beneficial factor if you have applied for a card on the basis of your salary or savings account.

Axis Bank Credit Cards

Credit cards are revered by all in today’s world. And when it comes to Axis Bank, they are literally sacred to all. Credit cards from Axis bank have something for all, from mobile recharges to cards especially for defence personnel. Axis bank offers a wide variety of credit cards to make life easy of all its customers and users.

Axis Bank SELECT Credit Card

Axis Bank believes that in today’s world Luxury should be more of a necessity. Sounds ironic, right? Wait until you get to know more about this card. This card offers some hand-crafted benefits that reek of luxury for all its users. With this card, user is entailed to a shopping voucher of Rs.1, 000. Those who are regular travellers are surely in for a treat with the gaining access to the priority pass for over 900 international airport lounges. This card also is offering dining delights to all its customers; with a discount of 15% (This offer is only applicable on selected restaurants). Apart from all this, Golfers too have something to look forward to, they’ll be getting 3 complimentary golf rounds or lessons. If this has excited you then don’t forget to go for online application or for offline.

Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit Card

This is the perfect card for all those who love to travel. This card comes with a complimentary business class ticket on airlines Vistara (Terms and Conditions apply). With this card, you can avail and enjoy complimentary check-in, extra baggage allowance, priority boarding. Apart from all this one can enjoy 6 complimentary golf sessions in picturesque golf destinations within Indian borders.
This credit card comes with a variety of insurance benefits such as:

  • Air Accident Cover of upto INR 2,50,00,000
  • Purchase Protection Cover upto INR 1,00,000
  • Lost Card Liability upto 100% your credit limit
  • Loss Travel Documents Cover upto USD 300
  • Delay of Check-In Baggage Cover upto USD 300
  • Loss of Check-In Baggage Cover upto USD 500

MY Zone Credit Card

This credit card is going to fulfil all entertainment related curiosities! Users of this credit card are entitled to enjoy a discount of 25% on movies all week. (This offer won’t lead to any reward points accumulation). With this credit card, the user is entitled to enjoy a waiver on fuel surcharges. So, no woes on fuel!!! The best part about this credit card is that this credit card enables users to convert big credit card transactions to simple EMI’s (for this offer to stand it is intrinsic that the amount is more than Rs. 2,500). My Zone credit card also has the provision for earning rewards and redeeming them. This card allows its users to earn 10X the rewards during weekend dining and 5X for shopping.
We are sure you are on your way to apply for these ‘magic cards’!!

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