1. About Us

Emerging as India’s leading marketplace for financial products and solutions, BankYatra, since its inception in 2017 has been setting benchmarks one-after-the-other in the field of personal finance and financial security. Being a one-of-its-kind platform featuring the widest spectrum of financial products and solutions, the entity strives to be an ultimate end-to-end solutions provider for its clients. BankYatra, being progressive and innovative in its approach towards helping clients make the best and most informed decisions, utilizes its unmatched expertise and experience of dealing with complexities helping them fetch unparalleled rewarding results and benefits. The dedicated specialist personnel at BankYatra armed with advanced domain-knowledge and web of networking with major financial institutions nation-wide, leaves no-stone-unturned to serve clients relentlessly for all finance-related matters.

2. Who We Are?

The sole objective behind the establishment of BankYatra is to be a disruptor amongst the existing players dealing in the areas of finance and create waves of change by which the entire society can benefit at large and contribute towards economic growth. We believe in delivering nothing but excellence to our clients by offering best-in-class financial products and solutions and assist them in making wisest decisions and right choices when it comes to their financial requirements or concerns. With a vision to facilitate right decision-making pertaining to personal finance and financial security, we at BankYatra utilizes an extensive repository of resources, data-base and networking to serve our clients with most-worthy analytical information, crucial insights, and valuable advisory on products such as Credit Cards, Home Loan, Personal Loan, Term Insurance, Health Insurance, Car Insurance as well as other allied products from leading institutions.

3. Our Strength

Our core strength lies in understanding and addressing the financial requirements of our clients and suggesting perfect products or solutions, which brings significant monetary value to our clients with respect to their incurred expenses and spendings. Our team comprising expert financial advisors and noted industry-insiders specializes in simplifying complexities, complications and challenges faced by our clients in choosing the right financial product.   


We purely function on the principles of commitment, trust-building, accountability, and transparency for providing superior BankYatra experience to our clients. Our offerings of unique financial products & solutions are further complemented by assured lowest rates in comparison to our competitors. Complete satisfaction while ensuring value-for-value are the two major aspects of BankYatra’s goodwill and word-of-mouth popularity. 


In addition to such USP’s, BankYatra thrives by valuing personal and confidential information or data provided by our clients.

4. Why Us?


Emboldened with the trust and faith of our clients, BankYatra continues to scale new heights leaps and bounds steering towards success with each passing year. With utmost transparency, unconditional commitment and devotion to our clients, we take pride in forging long-term promising relationships between individuals and financial institutions. By maintaining robust partnership with India’s leading financial institutions such as American Express, Axis Bank, Citibank, HDFC Bank, ICICI, Aditya Birla Capital, RBL Bank, State Bank of India, ACKO, Religare to name a few, BankYatra aims to bring value to our clients in the form of lowest processing fee, interest rates, premium and other charges.  


The loyalty and trust of our clients is central to our success encouraging us to set precedents outlasting our competitors. From suggesting the most suitable Credit Cards to most appropriate Insurance as per eligibility, preferences and expectations of our clients, BankYatra provides unbeatable offers, discounts & deals while ensuring highest savings and client satisfaction.  


BankYatra extends the smartest support & assistance to clients enabling them to make informed decisions as we understand the value of your hard-earned money the best. To address concerns, worries and expectations of clients, individually, we create person-specific personalized portfolios for record-keeping and accurate analysis & reporting. Our specially designed customized services and solutions are delivered by our authoritative team of financial advisors.


Below are some of the factors making us stand apart from other players in the market: 


  • Best Financial Products & Solutions
  • Assured lowest interest rates & premium charges
  • Best Deals & Offers 
  • Detailed Credit Report by experts for thorough evaluation
  • Eligibility Check & Guaranteed Approval
  • Fair and accurate analytical reports
  • Valuable advisory & consistent support
  • Tailored Special Profiling
  • Most appropriate Products, Solutions & Services
  • Comparative rates & adjustments
  • Instant Approvals & Resolutions
  • Safe-guarding of sensitive and confidential client’s data/ information
  • Digitized Customer identification & verification 
  • Approvals from leading financial institutions as first-priority
  • Seamless Assistance & Persistent Follow-Ups
  • Fastest Processing of Application & Registration 
  • Largest number of association & tie-ups with leading banks and financial institutions 
  • Technology-oriented automated processing 
  • Real-time Application status report
  • Highest Success Rate 
  • Dedicated customer support 24/7